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Writing is a verb

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It was almost a year and a half ago now, that my mom and I strolled down Rue Mouffetard with our new acquaintance Janice, who had up and left her job in LA as a copywriter to travel the world and pursue her dreams.  Her journey brought her to Paris, where we fatefully met in the Red Wheelbarrow bookstore on Rue St Paul in Le Marais the day before my twenty-first birthday.

As we wandered between vendors selling croissant au beurre, seafood of all varieties, such as scallops both in (coquilles St-Jacques) and out (noix de St Jacques) of their shells, fresh raviolone alle olive, and various fresh fruits and vegetables, I, perhaps inspired by the echoes of Meryl Streep’s portrayel of Julia Child on this same street, put words to thoughts I had harboured thenceforth close to my heart.  “I’d like to start a food blog” I found myself saying.  Janice, who blogged her way through The Artist’s Way and then kept going, replied “to write is a verb.  The only way to do it is to do it and not think about it.”  Those words have rolled around my head for the past 16 months urging me to take action.  This past May I finally picked up my dragging feet and engaged my friends help in choosing a name and theme for my blog.  This was it!  I set about photographing my creations and writing about them to create a backlog for my blog-to-be.  Then interailing happened, graduation happened, home happened and here I am three months later, still not blogging.

I still photographed every meal before it touched my mouth (be it in my kitchen or at a restaurant or café) – not that I wasn’t doing that before.  And as I fell asleep at night I would narrate my vast catalogue of articles that I will write for the New York Times Dining Section someday – of course.

Three days ago I was given a mug with the inscription, “Keep Calm and Carry On Cooking”.   My friends had been pestering me for months (maybe years?) to start a food blog, but if this wasn’t a kick I don’t know what is!  So I’ve decided, this really is it.  That mug has been staring me in the face as I drink my morning chai, a purposeful challenge and reminder that there is no time like the present.

So, here goes.  Every new food is an adventure and story waiting to be told.  I am starting this blog so as to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy!


Author: meghansk

Traveling by taste buds in the kitchen and around the world.

One thought on “Writing is a verb

  1. Glad to see a picture of the mug made it into this inaugural entry 🙂 🙂

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